Depressed Marine can’t hold his tears after getting a little dog as a gift

Unfortunately, a large portion of the military suffers from a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Help centers offer a variety of services and options for soldiers to deal with this condition. However, this is a trial that thousands of military men face every day.

After serving with the US Marine Corps, Peter Coukoulis returned to his home in Tallahassee, Florida. Three years after returning to civilian life, he struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress every day.

When his family could no longer see him in pain, they decided to do something that would eventually leave Peter in tears.

His life was about to change.

About a month before Christmas, the family decided to surprise Peter with a gift. Christmas came early for this Marine, who was struggling to hold back the tears when he saw what was inside a mysterious box. We’re talking about a little Beagle!

Peter immediately hugged the little dog, who began to lick his face. A magical moment you don’t want to miss!

His family could not have been happier… They applauded when Peter hugged the pup, knowing that she would bring immense joy to his life. The little dog has already changed Peter’s life, as he has found some happiness, after years of suffering.

Depressed Marine can’t hold his tears

Check out the emotional moment in the video below:

It’s impossible to remain indifferent after watching these images… Dogs can transform our lives, and Peter’s case is the proof of that!

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Source: I Love My Dog


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