Dentist spends the nights covering stray dogs with blankets

There are many ways to help stray dogs. Some can give food or medicine. Others open the doors of their home to provide a temporary or permanent home.

If we still can’t do the above, we can follow the example of a loving dentist who spends the night providing blankets for dogs and cats that suffer so much during the winter.

“We should all be as kind as him. He has the heart of a hero.”

It’s about Huseyin Yurtseven. The loving dentist had never worked as a rescuer before, but always felt a very special connection with animals. Now that temperatures began to fall, Huseyin realized it was time to help the needy.

Itsn’t too difficult to imagine how terrible this weather situation can be for stray dogs and cats.

“There is hail and snow. Snow is likely to accumulate up to 200 centimeters in some areas. “

Huseyin began to investigate the animals that lived in his area and that was when he made a decision. He would take as many blankets as possible and begin to distribute them among all the animals he encountered along the way.

Now the loving dentist is seen every night roaming his neighborhood in the cold.

Huseyin lives in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

The dogs snuggle softly under the blanket and are very grateful for this huge gesture of love. In a matter of days, he has been able to inspire many local merchants, and now all help him to keep as many dogs and cats as possible safe from low temperatures.

In Turkey, some shopping malls open their doors at night for stray dogs.

Huseyin has an important network of friends and acquaintances who come in contact with him when the blankets get dirty and need to be washed. When you receive this call, go diligently and wash the blankets so that all animals continue to have the necessary shelter and the city is not filled with dirty blankets.

The weather is so severe that many domestic and international flights had to be canceled.

Without such a simple gesture, there would be many dogs and cats that would lose their lives completely frozen in the terrible temperatures. This dentist is a true example that we can always help a little so that the lives of so many animals are much more supportable.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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