Deformed dog gets a new life after being rescued

Life in the open air is hard enough for stray animals, and it will be much more horrible when they have deformities or injuries. Jax was a poor dog who miserably lived on the streets for days. The neighbors tried to help by giving him food, but what he needed the most was a forever refuge. After being informed about Jax’s situation, Hope For Paws promptly headed out to rescue him.

To safely secured him, they decided to set a trap away from the road. The mission got harder since the dog had no interest in their food and they couldn’t approach him. After an hour of following him, he finally stopped in a garage. They didn’t bring gentle snare so they had to find another way. The dog had a deformity, he couldn’t properly walk by all of his legs. He kept hiding under the car and looked so scared, trying to fight against the rescuers. The tough life of being homeless, without care and love, broke his trust in humans. He literally shivered out of fear.

After a lot of effort, they eventually got him into the trap. The poor boy must have suffered from so much pain. When they arrived at the vet, Jax started to calm down as if he realized he was safe. Later than the check-up, they learned that Jax was born with a deformity that his bones never fully developed in one leg. His short and deformed leg was not functional and caused him discomfort, so they had no choice other than cut it off. Jax was exhausted from his life on the streets, but now he could think about a beautiful life waiting for him ahead.

Jax recovered well after surgery and even though losing one leg, he was so much more comfortable.

Three months later, L.A. Animal Rescue found him an amazing home. The terrified dog transforms into a joyful dog, and with only three legs, Jax is still an adorable and energetic puppy, enjoying the life full of love he is always worthy of.

Watch the rescue video here:

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Source: Paws World


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