Deaf man adopted a deaf puppy and taught him sign language

Nick Abbott is a 31 year old man from Maine who was born deaf. One day when Nick was looking at the NFR Maine Facebook page, a puppy that was also born deaf, caught his eye immediately.

The puppy, whose name is Emerson, was being put up for adoption through NFR’s foster rescue program, and Nick knew that if ever there was a puppy out there just for him, Emerson was it.

Could there have been a more perfect furry match than one that struggled with the same biological issues as Nick, himself? Definitely not!

So, without thinking twice about the matter, Nick hurriedly got in touch with NFR and made arrangements for adoption.

When the rescue had first found the sweet little puppy, he was living as a homeless stray dog on the streets of Maine with the rest of his litter. Not only did the poor pup almost immediately begin to seizure once at the shelter, but he also came down with parvo, a disease affecting unvaccinated puppies that can be deadly if not caught and treated right away.

After making it through that hurdle, though, shelter workers became discouraged when they realized the 12-week-old puppy was also not only visually impaired but deaf! They were wondering if they would ever be able to find the adorable lab-retriever mix a forever loving family.

Although the shelter team was beginning to find that finding the perfect family for Emerson might be impossible, they would do their best to share the story of the puppy on the Facebook page to find a family.

Thank God the shelter had not lost all hope. Because as soon as they loaded their photos with subtitles, describing their journey, Nick saw them and soon called the shelter.

He told her he wanted to meet Emerson. Because he had a feeling they were meant for each other. Explaining that he was also born deaf and knew what the struggle was like.

Nick and his mother went to the shelter after the phone call to meet Emerson.

Not knowing what to expect from the puppy, Nick, his mother, and the whole shelter team were surprised to see how quickly Emerson seemed to relate to his new owner.

As soon as Emerson set eyes on Nick, it was as if he knew he had found his human.

The puppy instantly went and laid himself down quietly at Nick’s feet, and everyone knew that the two were destined for each other.

Once Nick had gotten Emerson settled into his forever home and the two were well acquainted, Nick got down to the relentless business of teaching the puppy how to read and understand sign language so that they could communicate with each other.

A testament to Nick’s own patience and training skills, Emerson picked up the new language faster than anyone could have anticipated!

The puppy now knows quite a bit of sign already! Not only does he know to bark when Nick wiggles his own ear lobe, but he also knows the signs for come, sit, and lie down!

As anyone could have guessed, these two quickly became linked for life, now that one finally has the other.

Sharing their hearing impairments only helped to connect these two even more as they learn from each other. Nick even made an Instagram account called Nick and Emmerson. Where you can stay up to date on everything Nick calls “two deaf boys”. and their adventures!

To see the incredibly touching story, watch the video below.

Source: Relieved


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