Deaf hiker falls down the mountain – when rescuers find her, she is not alone

When Amelia Milling fell about 700 feet down the mountain, she feared the worst. As she sat down, inspecting her injuries, a white figure appeared in the distance… However, as the animal approached, her fears disappeared. The animal was there to help!

Despite her adventurous spirit, Amelia is deaf

Amelia Milling, 21, is fearless. One of her favorite pastimes is walking alone and exploring new places. However, when she set out on an adventure at Chugach State Park in Alaska, she had no idea that her life would be at stake.

Amelia had already gone 4 miles when the disaster happened. One of her hiking poles snapped and she began to lose her balance. Amelia fell and slid, before hitting the ground.

After such a heavy fall, it was a miracle that Amelia had survived. Fortunately, she only hurt her leg in the process. As she checked her wounds, Amelia noticed a white figure emerging from a distance.

As the ‘white wolf’ approached, she realized what he really was: a handsome Husky with a collar. Relieved, the woman hoped to see an owner nearby, but no one came. When no one appeared, Amelia realized the dog was there to help her.


Reading the collar, Amelia discovered that the name of the white husky was ‘Nanook’. Then the fearless woman started working to get back to safety with the animal. The two began to return to the trail and eventually set up camp to spend the night.

Later the deaf woman discovered that Nanook is a trail dog, trained specifically to help the lost hikers to return home.


The next day, the new friends continued their journey and ended up coming to a river. At that moment, the strong current pulled the woman and dragged her down the river. With a injured leg, things did not look good to Amelia.

Then Nanook stepped in, biting her backpack and dragging the woman into safety. Frozen and more than 24 hours after the fall, Amelia knew she was in trouble … It was time to use her SPOT beacon (a GPS device that alerts rescuers of her location).


The Alaska State Troopers were called out and rescued Amelia, with Nanook by her side. Although the rescuers have flown to her home, she says Nanook is her true hero.

This was not the first time Husky had saved anyone’s life … A girl was caught in the river current and he pulled her to safety! What a wonderful animal!


Deaf hiker falls down the mountain

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