Deaf dog cries after being separated from her best friend

When a shelter dog finds a loving home, it’s cause for celebration. However, there is always some pups  that are left behind. This is the story of a deaf Pit Bull, named Marshmallow, who shared a kennel with his friend, Scooby.

The incredible friendship was born in Unleashed Pet Rescue, in the United States. In the midst of so much uncertainty, the animals were able to find comfort in their relationship. However, one day everything changed…


After a long wait, a family adopted Scooby. However, the puppy was not the same without his special friend… Something prevented him from being completely happy.

The deaf dog also missed him a lot

“Marshmallow is constantly crying,” wrote one of the shelter volunteers. “Without her roommate and best friend, Scooby, she is very confused and sad. She needs a home to heal her heart.”

The poor girl had a great emptiness in her life, as her one and only company was no longer around.

“Marshmallow is very affectionate, but she has a special condition: she is deaf. When she was rescued, she was very sick with parvovirus. She is a survivor, but she needs a lot of love.”, wrote the shelter.


After much suffering, requests for help on social media paid of. Marshmallow was adopted by a responsible family and is receiving all the love and affection in the world. Who knows someday the paths of Scooby and Marshmallow will cross again…

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Source: Viralistas


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