Deaf dog barks every time he feels afraid

Meet DJ, an adorable dog who like many others spends his days locked up in a kennel hoping to win the heart of someone who will give him the opportunity to live in a loving home. However, DJ is not just any dog, he is permanently deaf and has a big problem with insecurity.

DJ is an 11-year-old adult dog.

The dog was rescued long ago in a negligent situation, he was tied to a malnourished pole in Brooklyn and covered with fleas.

Now the dog is in a shelter in New York City. But being deaf and adult with many insecurities, it’s been hard for him to find a home.

Since 2017, the DJ has been waiting patiently to be adopted.

We can’t deny that adult dogs have more trouble finding a home. In the eyes of adopters, these furry ones usually go unnoticed.

The shelter team knows that finding a home for DJ due to their condition is almost a challenge. However, they don’t give up hope that he will spend his final years with a family that loves him and accepts him as he is.

He’s in the shelter just because he’s a grown puppy and barks when he’s scared.

For these puppies, being in a shelter is not easy, although they have the attention of the volunteers they need to feel loved all the time and create a bond with someone special.

DJ, he’s a very calm child, although he scares easily, despite the time he has in the shelter, he’s still terrifying and scares quite often, so he barks whenever he’s scared.

His unsafe behavior makes the adopters stay away from him.

Although the adorable puppy has been tied to a pole for a long time, he gets along very well with the hanger, putting the leash on it does not cause problems and, despite the hearing problems, he is a very polite puppy.

The DJ steals your heart with the most tender look you can imagine. You just need a lot of patience and love to make him part of your family.

The dog loves to eat treats.

For now, DJ has the support of the whole shelter team and his best human friend Nicole, who gives him daily walks. She hopes that one day such a lovely puppy will win a family that will give him all the love he deserves.

We want the DJ to find a real home and spend his golden years with those who allow him to have a happy ending.

To share his history is a way to help to increase the awareness of the importance of adopting a dog, independently of their condition, they all deserve a chance.

Source: Zoorprendente


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