Man on his way to McDonald’s sees a dog lying in an armchair – when he took a closer look he saw a bloodstain

Cases of cruelty don’t take holidays. A dead dog was found lying in an armchair in Tucson, USA. A passer-by saw the dog and called the animal control. The dog was in the chair, gagged and his mouth was closed with a sock. The dog had a microchip, and the investigation has already begun.

Pet Rescue Report

The director of operations at the Pima Animal Care Center, Jose Ocaño, said they are working with the police to help get justice for the dog. How can people be so cruel? It breaks our hearts! While we are sitting at home, safe and comfortable, there are thousands of dogs being tortured and killed!

Pet Rescue Report

We’re very sorry for the loss of this animal… Rest in peace dog, you didn’t deserve to die like that!

Source: Relay Hero


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