Mother finds construction workers looking at her daughter through the window, and gets shaken with the message they leave

All parents want their kids to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, as much protection as children have, things don’t always go the way we expect… this mother can say so. Her nightmare came true when her 2-year-old girl was forced to isolate herself from the world due to illness. What she didn’t know was that two construction workers would communicate with her daughter through the window.

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Vivian Keith was diagnosed with an acute lymphoblastic leukemia recently. In addition to being struggling for her life, she was forced to remain isolated due to chemotherapy. Her only way of communicating with the outside world was through the hospital window.

The 2-and-a-half-year-old girl spent hours staring out the window, and a group of people in particular quickly caught her eye. They were construction workers, working under his window. The girl was mesmerized and amazed by their presence, and it was not long before they noticed her.

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Every day, the child sat by the window in the hospital room and looked to the men below. This ritual was a kind of therapy for the isolated child, and that contact was all it took for he to feel like part of the outside world.

Her mother, Ginger Keith, said, “Every morning we wake up and wave to them. And we kept waving until someone waved back.” Travis Barnes and Greg Combs were part of the construction team. While they waved to many of the children in the hospital, there was one in particular that stood out more. Vivian was always at the window to greet them.

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One particular day had been hard for the brave girl, but she had a wonderful surprise! She and her mother were very discouraged, but they received a message that changed everything. Apparently, Vivian touched the hearts of the construction workers deeply, so they decided to do something special for the sweet child.

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They put a message on an iron beam that said, “Get well soon.” Fortunately, a meeting was planned shortly thereafter, and the girl was able to meet the gentle men with whom she had made friends through the lonely hospital window.

The men were so impressed with Vivan. See the incredible moment when they meet face to face for the first time in the exciting video below.

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