Parents comfort daughter about to pass – their photo touched the whole world

Zoey Catherine Daggett, a 5-year-old, left this world on July 4, 2018 due to a brain tumor. Since then, hier parents have shared the images of her last moments, and touched the whole world. There was one particular photo that is moving the whole internet: one in which the parents comfort their daughter about to pass, accompanied by the family dog.

The girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was only 3. Before that, she was full of energy, always moving and very happy. Zoey’s parents began to notice that something was wrong with her when she fell asleep while she was playing. A few weeks later, everything collapsed. They went to the hospital, and the doctors’ diagnosis turned out to be parents’ worst nightmare: the girl had a brain tumor.

Facebook – Casey Daggett

In the two years following years, the family tried to be strong and Zoey made several treatments. But, a month ago, she stopped responding to radiation therapy, and her health deteriorated rapidly. The parents knew they couldn’t do anything else, so they decided to invite friends and family so they could say goodbye to the girl.

Parents say goodbye to their daughter

Even in the end, Zoey was happy and energetic, spreading joy around her. But on July 4, the day the parents most feared finally arrived. Her body gave up the fight. They put a Harry Potter movie on TV, and sat on the couch comforting their daughter about to pass. Next to them was the family dog, serene and sad, as if he knew what was to come.

In the middle of the movie, Zoey’s heart stopped and she left. “We had two years to prepare for this, but that didn’t happen. No time would be enough,” said her mother, Casey. A few hours before the girl’s heart stopped, a nurse took the picture of the family that is spreading around the world. When the nurse asked if they wanted a picture together, Casey initially hesitated.

Facebook – Zoeys Light

“I’ve seen some families share these kind of intimate moments, and at first I thought I did not want to share it, but then I thought, ‘I want a picture of those, I want to capture those moments so I can remember them forever'” , she said.

The family hopes to spread the joy Zoey brought to the world, inspire others who are going through the same, and help them in mourning and difficult times. Share if you think the family photo is really touching!

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