Dangerous thieves enter a bank – then, an elderly man whispers 3 words that makes them run in panic

As we get older, we get sicker and less physically strong. However, these diseases can be advantageous in many situations, as we will see today. Four dangerous robbers entered a bank, ready to make a great assault. But the mental condition of an old man made them run away in panic.

Dangerous thieves

Manolo and Mariana, both older than 90, went to the neighborhood bank to collect their monthly pensions. Also, since the couple didn’t know how to use the internet, they used to pay their bills in the bank. Suddenly, while the elderly were at the counter, four thieves entered the bank with guns, threatening everyone:


– “Everybody on the ground or we’ll shot!”

Most people panicked and threw themselves on the ground, but Manolo, 91, stood motionless.

“On the floor, old man!,” one of the thieves shouted.

“No,” said Manolo in a whispering voice, adding, “I’m a cop.”

“On the floor!,” repeats the thief. “Otherwise, I’ll shoot you and everyone else here”

“Leave us alone, I’m an agent of the law,” Manolo whispers.


The thieves were completely paralyzed. “The stubborn old man must be telling the truth.” Then, scared, they ran out of the bank, completely panic-stricken. Manolo stood completely still, while the others, little by little, began to recover from the shock. At that point, Mariana stood up and hugged her husband.

“Well done Manolo, but my dear, you’re senile, how many times do I have to tell you that you’re not a policeman?”

The fact that the elderly man is senile has made him prevent a major assault… we are all useful in society, no matter if we are different, and Manolo is living proof of this. Share if you liked this funny story!

Source: Newsner


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