Dad says the word “shower” – dog has priceless reaction

For many of us, there is nothing more relaxing than a long hot bath. However, this time can be very stressful for some pets… Today we will meet a Corgi called Misty who, unlike many pets, feels very comfortable with the word “shower”.

Youtube – Brian Kluth
Misty loves to take a shower.

Like most of us, she loves it! When her dad says the “magic” word, the little dog runs to the nearest bathroom. What’s funny is that it doesn’t even matter what house she is in!

Youtube – Brian Kluth

Luckily for all of us, the man decided to shoot one of those moments, and the result is lovely. As soon as she hears the word “shower,” Misty jumps into the tub and waits for her father to pour the water.

Dad says the word “shower”

Check out the fun moment in the video below:

Without doubt, a moment that warms our souls!

Does your dog also love to take a shower? So, share this story and don’t forget to talk about your experiences in the comments!

Source: Faith Tap


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