Dad gets emotional when he sees dog that was lost for 12 days

Unfortunately, it’s very recurrent that dogs go out for a “walk” and can’t find their way back home. This is a reality that breaks the heart of any animal lover. When we get away from our pups, it’s almost like losing a son. And the story we’ll meet today, reports one of these situations.

In 2015, one family faced this pain for about a week and a half. A puppy, called Butters, suddenly disappeared… The family searched the dog for several blocks, but without success!

Youtube – Anabel_V

The family put dozens of posters all over the neighborhood, waiting for someone to locate Butters and get in touch with them. Luckily, someone found the puppy and eventually called his mother. Then the woman took the dog, but decided to surprise her family!

Youtube – Anabel_V

The moment she drives home, the dad sees Butters in the passenger seat and rushes to him immediately. The man gets emotional and says, “What are you doing, idiot?” As he hugs him. This is a reunion that will surely fill your heart with joy.

Dad gets emotional when he sees dog that was lost

Check out the emotion-filled meeting in the video below:

Have you ever faced something similar? So, share this adorable moment with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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