Gorgeous moment when dad dances with his son after a round of chemo

Recently, Kenny Thomas, of New Jersey, made a video with his 1-year-old boy named Kristian, who was in the hospital. Dad dances as the boy watches his father’s steps closely. He was celebrating the fact that his son was well after the first round of chemo. Kristian was born with Down syndrome and was diagnosed with leukemia not long ago.

Dad dances for his son with leukemia

Singer Ciara launched the Level Up Challenge on social networks, to promote her music, by asking fans to post videos dancing to the song. Level Up was this father’s musical choice to dance to his son.

Since the video was put on the internet, it already has more than 3 million views. Ciara watched Kenny’s video and published it with the caption: “My ❤️ can’t take it watching this proud Father @KennyClutch_ dancing doing the #LevelUpChallenge because his baby’s numbers were up. God is so good! We’re dancing for you too angel! Let’s #LevelUp against Cancer together! ????????”

After that, she announced that Kenny had won the Level Up challenge.


This was an incredible time for Kenny Thomas, who founded a dance studio called The Level Dance Complex in April 2016. He also founded a movement called Street Dance Tour.

The video of these two really shows the healing power of music, and it’s just adorable. “Music is therapeutic for him, and he is always calm when he hears it and when someone dances,” Thomas explained.

“He’s always in the studio with me and he always watches me dance. It’s a bundle of joy, it’s truly inspiring.”

Watch the Instagram video below:

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