Cyclists save abandoned dog from inside a bucket in the woods

What seemed to be an ordinary day of mountain and fun for a group of cyclists, turned into a moment of life and death. A day where indignation and pain were present. In early October, Pedro went out with a group of friends to take a bike tour of the local roads.

The man is used to these walks and had no idea what he would find.

In a wooded area, Pedro and his companions were then faced with a devastating scene. A puppy was left in the worst conditions, in a black bag inside a bucket.

As if that wasn’t enough, whoever left the white dog in place was responsible for tying the snout with tape. Under this cruel way, the dog was completely unable to get rid of such problem.

They obviously wanted his death.

The puppy was barely moving, they don’t know how long it has been abandoned there. But whoever left him was looking for a painful death for this poor creature.

“The dog cannot drink water alone or eat. We are seeing where to take him, if you know where I would like you to tell me,” wrote Peter.

The animal was dying.

Pedro and his friends rescued the puppy and managed to locate a veterinarian who treated him urgently. The puppy got rid of the tape that held his snout and prevented him from feeding.

“Filming is fun until we find these images, fortunately, we were able to rescue him and get him out of the way. He is currently at the vet. Friends on bicycles, attentive to the cracks, we do not know what we can find,” wrote Pedro in one of the videos he shared on his social networks.

In the recording, the man recorded the moment when they reached the dog with the necessary help to save him. The images are disturbing, because even if they hit a few times, he doesn’t even react.

Pedro later told that the puppy had the nickname Bruno, and is still in recovery. And so a woman offered to take care of all the veterinary expenses. However, his condition is very delicate and he asks for prayers to save him.

It breaks our hearts to know that there are people capable of attacking life in such a premeditated way. How long will animals continue to be the target of the most terrible abuses?

Well, we don’t know, but at least it gives us a rest to know that there are people like Peter and his friends who are willing to help.

Source: Zoorprendente


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