Cyclist rescues abandoned puppy on a desert road

Last week, when cross-country cyclist Damian Macchi started a training routine near his home in Argentina, he never guessed he was about to save a life.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Macchi was riding a dirt road several miles from the city when he saw a small animal moving as it passed.

“I saw something running out of the bushes,” Macchi said.

Very briefly, a sense of concern arose on him. It was then that he decided to turn around and take a closer look at what he saw. And I’m glad he did it.

Here’s the video of what happened next:

The creature Macchi saw was a puppy, for sure. Apparently abandoned there and left to die by some cruel person.

The puppy was clearly thrilled to have been found.

And with that, Macchi’s routine training turned into a rescue mission.

He took the puppy in his arms and together they made the trip back home.

Fortunately, the puppy had narrowly escaped the dark fate that awaited him there all alone.

And the female puppy seemed to know that.

Beside cyclism, Macchi is passioned about helping pets in need. He’s been involved in dozens of rescues, actually. So, after taking the dog to the vet for a check up, he shared this story with his fellow animal lovers online.

And soon, the puppy found what she needed most – a home.

“The dog was adopted,” said Macchi. “They called her Juanita.”

She needed treatment for ticks, however, Macchi said that Juanita is doing well now. Far from the sad situation in which she was placed before being found.

He hopes that as Juanita’s story spreads to encourage people with unwanted pets to try to find a home with someone else instead of disposing of them alone.

“She’s very happy whith her new family”, said Macchi. “I want to make people aware that they should not leave animals like this.”

Source: The Dodo


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