Cyclist adopts puppy found on road and carries him home in his pocket

Meire Luce Andrade Abreu found a puppy abandoned on a road. Without hesitation, the woman decided to take the puppy to her home, putting it in the pocket of her blouse, like a mother kangaroo.

In an interview with Amo Meu Pet, the cyclist tells about the exciting rescue of her puppy Thor.

Meire is passionate about cycling, she loves to ride her laps on the roads of her city. And she doesn’t care about the weather, because come rain or shine, there she is with her bicycle.

About a week ago, with the weather closed, Meire was not intimidated and went for her pedal. But what would have been a storm for the city, became the bonanza of an encounter with a puppy.

Halfway there, the woman found an abandoned puppy. Her friend, who accompanied her on the bike, told her to pick up the puppy the next day, because she couldn’t carry it on her bike.

“No! There’s no way I’m going! I’m taking him now!” stated Meire to her friend.

With much love, she took the little one and put it in the pocket of her T-shirt and, happy with her decision, went on her way.

The puppy got a home and the name Thor! After the rescue, the puppy was taken to the vet who found that his health was good.

Thor is no longer alone in this life: he has a family with four canine brothers.

Meire leaves a message for those who wish to adopt or help an abandoned animal:

“Adopting has to be out of love, because they have feelings and they know when someone likes them or not”.

Congratulations Meire for this beautiful attitude.

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Source: Amo Meu Pet


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