Legs of a 9-month-old dog are cut with a sword by neighbor

If you think you have neighbor problems, wait until you hear this story… A man in Thailand was so enraged at his neighbor’s dog that he attacked the animal with a sword. The man directed his attack on the two front legs of the dog, dismembering the two members of the poor animal.

You must be wondering what did the dog do to deserve that… Well, actually he just chewed a pair of the neighbor’s shoes. How can anyone abuse a defenseless animal for such an insignificant reason? How cruel!

Facebook – Soi Dog Foundation

After cutting off the dog’s legs, called Cola, the neighbor threatened the owner. If he said a word about the attack, he would return and kill the other two dogs.

The owner of Cola “faced” the neighbor by calling the police and contacting the Soi Dog Foundation, desperately hoping that lifeguards could save the life of his dog. Today, a year after the brutal attack, Cola saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Now he has prosthetic legs made to measure.

The aggressive neighbor was sentenced to one month in prison. As for Cola, despite all the evil that has been inflicted on him, he’s happy with his two new legs and finally can enjoy a completely normal life, alongside many people who love him!

Watch the clip below to get to know a little more about the history of this wonderful animal:

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