Curious kitten ends up helping his family to be rescued by leaving the hideout to play with rescuers

Residents contacted Flatbush Cats, a cat rescue in Brooklyn, New York, about a feline family that needed help.

Apparently some of the neighbors saw a cat and her six kittens hide under a house. Some of the baby cats had eye infections and needed immediate medical attention.

This naughty boy couldn’t resist the temptation to go out and play with his new friends.

Will Zweigart, founder of Flatbush Cats, came up with a rescue plan that would take 1-2 days to protect all kittens, but things changed quickly when he reached the family hiding place.

A very curious boy unintentionally became an accomplice to this rescue. Hearing the volunteers wandering nearby, the kitten looked out.

The visitors were very interesting to him. In a matter of minutes, he jumped from under the deck and decided to greet his new human friends.

Will’s plan was to trap some food and gradually capture the family, but having the support of this curious cat was a real blessing. As the boy was the leader of the group, his excursion was a great help in motivating the younger brothers to leave the hiding place.

In the video below you can see how easy it was to rescue this family of kittens:

Will was able to catch the curious boy without complaint and soon after another boy appeared. The volunteers did not want to waste the opportunity to protect them, mainly because they knew they should start treating eye infections as soon as possible.

In a few minutes, all the kittens left the hiding place. They really didn’t care that these human friends would pick them up and put them in a transport cage, because there were so many new things to discover.

The mother was rescued with the help of a trap. Will and his team managed to rescue the whole family. Now everyone was on their way to a well-deserved recovery.

The smaller kittens began to receive complementary feeding, so they could achieve the strength and size of the stronger siblings. The cat, already in a warm, enclosed space, could relax and take care of the baby cats full time.

Unfortunately, some puppies were potentially blind.

The mother cat did a terrific job, feeding, caring and educating her puppies. Each member of this family has received medical attention, and while some may partially or totally lose their sight due to the progress of their infections, this has not prevented them from having a normal life.

The potentially blind siblings have been grouped with a supportive brother who has complete vision so that he can help them adapt. The life of this whole cat family has already changed radically. They are just waiting to get their homes forever.

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