Cruel festival where they set bulls’ horns on fire is back. Let’s end this!

Not surprisingly, bulls are victims of cruel, inhumane and outdated traditions in most countries of the world. However, this festival in Spain goes beyond all limits: it involves putting flaming torches on bulls’ horns , and then releasing the animals to run through the streets with their heads burning.

Like any other animal, or human being, the bulls become crazed when they feel the flames on their horns. They become stressed and, when released, they rush relentlessly and do everything to get rid of the pain and suffering they are feeling.

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In addition to being painful, this practice can result in death of the animal and even of humans. In 2017, a bull with burning horns banged its head on the pole he was tied to, and died on the spot, trying to get rid of the fire.

Another fatality occurred a few days ago, during the “Toros Embolados Festival” this year, in the city of Castellón. A bull, with its horns burning, and running through the streets in a panic, killed a man accidentally, trying to put the fire down

These regrettable incidents are not new in this type of festivals in Spain. Some cities, such as Valencia, have already made the practice illegal, but there are still many places where tradition continues to exist.

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If you want to help the bulls, sign the Care2 petition, to demand that they end this old-fashioned and cruel tradition. Share to reach as many people as possible!

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