Crooked-legged dog who struggles to walk is rescued after being found abandoned

Viktor Larkhill received an urgent request from another animal rescuer. Viktor knew he couldn’t say no. He flew to Greece and went undercover to find a dog named Richard. He was not prepared for what he was about to see.

Richard is only 8 months old. He struggles to walk. His legs are so malformed that he looks like he’s walking with his elbows.

The shelter can’t help Richard. There are not enough funds or medical resources. But Viktor believes it is possible that he might change that with the help from his sponsors. He officially adopted Richard and took him home. Viktor posted this on Facebook:

“The images are heartbreaking… the dog drags himself over stones. His legs are completely twisted. He tries to stand but he can’t… the most he can do is support himself on his wrists while he looks us into the eye, imploring help.


RICHARD COULDN´T WAIT ANY LONGER… HE LOST CONTROL!!!Our Surgeon, Nelo Civera, goes in depth explaining Richard´s patology and the surgical options we have..The images were heartbreaking… the dog was crawling over stones with legs that were completely twisted… he looked us in the eye, begging for help.We flew to Karditsia, in the centre of Greece, to rescue him. The shelter did not have resources to help him. And even if they had, no surgeon in Greece is capable of such as surgery.We have returned to Spain with Richard, tired but full of hope because we know that NOW HE HAS A CHANCE…Richard will need two surgeries, one on each leg… there is no alternative, this is his only chance…RICHARD NEEDS YOU… DONATE, HELP US SAVE HIM!! When Richard recovers he will need a wonderful family to make him happy forever… if you think that could be your family, please write to and send pictures of yourself and your animals.SHARE !!

Posted by Viktor Larkhill on Sunday, November 10, 2019

The girls who rescued him have called him Richard and they begged us to save him. Richard is in a shelter in the center of Greece. None of the local organizations or veterinarians can help him.

Let’s Adopt was created to save the lives of animals in extreme conditions and we haven’t stopped doing that for more than 11 years, not only in Spain but the world over.

Richard needs us… we’re going to get him!

This is a rescue mission.”

Richard is with surgeons in Spain. They are evaluating the dog to determine the best course of action. As he is young, he should get better with surgery and physical therapy. For now, doctors just want to do what is best and least painful for Richard.

Whatever they decide, we pray that Richard will live his best life possible.

We’ll send Richard and all the dogs waiting for medical treatment (and homes forever!)

Source: I Love My Dog


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