Cristiano Ronaldo pays for medical treatments of 370 people injured in wildfires

Last Sunday, several wildfires started in Portugal. Its consequences were devastating: more than 40 people died and hundreds were injured. In addition, several green areas were completely reduced to ashes, and thousands of animals couldn’t escape the flames. When Cristiano Ronaldo learned what happened, he had a completely wonderful attitude…

Facebook – O Eterno Melhor Do Mundo – Cristiano Ronaldo

The portuguese star paid the medical treatment of the 370 people wounded in the fires! The footballer is known worldwide for his professionalism, having won even several prizes like The Best Men’s Player, FIFA Ballon d’Or and Golden Shoe. But the real gold is in his heart!

Facebook – Kátia Aveiro

After hearing about the tragedy in his country, the player was very moved with the suffering of the population, and decided to pay the medical treatments of the wounded. This information was known after a fan page of the player shared an image of him with the description “Cristiano Ronaldo paid all medical expenses of the 370 people injured in Portugal’s wildfires… IDOL!” His sister, Kátia Aveiro, confirmed the brother’s gesture by sharing a photograph on her Facebook page saying: “And this is it ???? Good night ????“”

Facebook – Kátia Aveiro

It’s moving to see celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, who do everything to make this world a better place. Share to honor this wonderful football player and human being!


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