Cows comfort friend who would be taken to slaughterhouse

If you are afraid, your heart shoots. If you feel strong pain, you scream. And sadness invades you, tears will escape from your eyes without you being able to remedy them. Unfortunately, many still haven’t realized that the animals also feel everything. They feel joy, sadness, warmth, cold, anguish, and stress.

Cows are exceptional animals, gentle giants capable of displaying their emotions in different ways. Their intelligence means that they can remember things for a long time. They interact socially in a very complex way, develop friendships. And they still have the ability to remember bad experiences lived with other cows.

A photographer was able to record this aspect which may not have been analyzed in detail in animals. In some of his images, cows can be seen showing their affection and comforting each other. This after having chosen one of the herd to be slaughtered.

The photograph shows a sad and cruel reality. A reality of which we are not fully aware when consuming the flesh of these animals.

Among them, there is one that uses a white blindfold as a sign of having been chosen to die that day. While the other two creatures that are close to her, separated by a fence, try to comfort her.

You can clearly see the pain and feeling of oppression between this trio of animals. It was no wonder that the images immediately turned on the social networks.

This professional photographer has therefore achieved about 2,300 tastes and dozens of user comments. These were then aware of the sad fate that awaited the poor animal.

In the rest of the sequences of this series, more cows and other animals of other species are observed. Whose fate has also been plotted.

So, for all this, we detach the capacity of feeling of the cows and the need of the consumer to be informed. To make a responsible consume and take this into consideration at the time of purchase.

When we think about the animal world, we often exclude and underestimate its capacity to feel.

The feeling is common to all species. And yet it is a demonstration of intelligence.

Source: Zoorprendente


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