Cow cries before being sent to slaughter and ends up rescued

The cow in this video is Emma, who comes to the rude realization that her owners don’t want her anymore. She is set to be transported to the slaughterhouse, and Emma knows that it is the terrible place where no cow comes back from. Emma feels so wronged and helpless that she starts crying at her sad fate.

As huge tears stream down Emma’s face, the rescuers of the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Shrine pity her and save her from being massacred. In this video we see the moment when Emma is set free in the green field of the sanctuary. At first she hesitates, but soon the other cows comfort her and she realizes she is safe!

Emma can now live happily the rest of her days with her new friends. This video shows the unfair reality in which cows live. They are creatures with feelings, but they are always exploited for human comfort. We hope that kinder souls like Emma will have another chance at life.

Click on the video below to see how Emma’s tears stopped the moment she realized she was being rescued!

Source: I Love My Dog


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