Cow and turtle become best friends after being rescued

When something goes wrong, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the road. However, even our darkest moments have the potential to lead us to a new and brighter chapter in our lives.

Simon, a single baby cow and Leonardo, a giant tortoise, form an unexpected pair. After their tumultuous lives brought them together, they found security and true friendship, supporting each other.

Simon had to learn to live with a prosthetic leg.

In 2016, Simon was just a small calf. One of the hind legs was attached to some vines and, unfortunately, they had to amputate the limb.

He was rescued and cared for by the Friends of Thailand Wildlife Foundation, which placed a prosthesis on his leg and took him to his animal sanctuary.

Leonardo was transferred to the shelter, where he seemed to be very happy

Simon had lost his leg, but he was about to win a new best friend. The cow was not ready to join other animals of the type that were in the sanctuary.

They decided to give him some time to recover from his trauma and grow some more. Simon was placed in a large enclosure where it looked like he was not interacting with any other creatures, but he really wasn’t.

Simon’s love for Leonardo was unexpected and surprising.

In 2013, Leonardo, an African tortoise, lost his home when he closed the zoo where he lived. The little animal was rescued by the WFFT and taken to its animal sanctuary, where it began a new and comfortable life.

Leonardo was dealing with his own affairs when he realized that a new resident had moved into his compound. It was Simon himself. The baby cow with a prosthetic leg came into Leonardo’s life, and suddenly, his comfortable life in the sanctuary improved even more.

When Simon saw Leonardo, it was love at first sight. The baby cow immediately formed a strong bond with the giant tortoise, much to the surprise of the sanctuary staff.

On their website, WFFT managers pointed out that Simon and Leonardo used to be seen eating together, resting together and walking together.

Their unexpected friendship was a delight for the team and the rest of the world. This reminds us of the deep connection that true friends share and that friendship comes from within; It is not based on the appearance or other qualities of the surface.

These two are inseparable friends.

Source: Zoorprendente