Courageous woman attacks armed hijackers with her vehicle to protect her daughter

A 42-year-old woman living in Alberton, South Africa, saved her daughter’s life thanks to her quick thinking. The woman is being called a hero for what she did to save her girl from a group of armed hijackers. According to police investigation, criminals followed them home from a shopping center on 27th August.

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Without realizing them it, the guys followed mother and daughter to the entrance of their house. When they opened the gate and got in, the armed hijackers parked in the driveway just behind them. Four armed men immediately left the car and approached their vehicle, threatening them with their weapons. Fortunately, the vehicle had the doors locked, which gave the mother a few seconds to think about what to do.

Youtube – News24

The woman and teenage daughter decided to stay inside the vehicle. When they saw that they were coming with guns, they realized that their lives were in danger. But if there was one thing the mother knew for sure was that she would not allow anything bad to happen to her daughter.

Youtube – News24
Mom acts quickly

First, she clicked on the cellphone’s emergency button as she tried to calm her 16-year-old daughter. She said those seconds seemed like an eternity, while the men slammed the windows with their weapons. It was then that the girl began to become increasingly nervous, and her mother, seeing that the situation was alarming, began to act without thinking twice.

Youtube – News24

The security cameras revealed the moment when the brave woman attacked the car behind her, leaving the abductors stunned. They never expected the woman to react like this.

See the scary moment below:

What an incredible woman… share so that other people know what to do if they are in the same situation!

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