Father is furious when he sees his newborn child – so the doctor reveals a shameful detail about the couple’s intimate life

The birth of a child is a great happiness for most people. However, this momentum can also be very overwhelming and confusing, as we will see with the father of this funny fictional story! His wife had just given birth when the man saw that the baby wasborn with an unexpected detail. The reason for this detail was related to a secret of the couple’s intimate life.

Baby is born with an unexpected detail

After a long delivery, the father was eager to see his son’s face. But when he looked at him, the man was very upset and turned to the gynecologist to get some answers. “Doctor!,”  cried the father. “I don’t know how to say this, but I’m very upset because my son is a redhead. He can’t be my son!”


“It’s impossible,” continues the father visibly affected.

“But that doesn’t make sense,” said the doctor.

“Even if you and your wife have black hair, it may be that one of your parents’ genes has contributed to the baby’s red hair color,” he continues.

“No, it’s impossible,” insisted the man, Our parents also have black hair and all my relatives have hair like that, generation after generation.”

“Okay,” the doctor replied. “Tell me how many times you and your wife make love?”

The man blushed, thought a little, and replied:

– “I’ve worked a lot in the last few years, so we made love once or twice per trimester.”

“There’s your answer!” said the doctor. “He was born rusty!”

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Source: Newsner


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