Couple takes a lion’s life and takes a picture of themselves kissing next to the fallen animal

The couple Darren and Carolyn Carter, from Canada, are provoking a huge controversy in social networks.

The couple, who were on a safari in Kalahari, South Africa, killed a lion, and a few minutes later, he photographed the moment by giving a kiss. Darren and Carolyn Carter were on a tour organized by Legelela Safaris, a hunting organization in South Africa.

In the caption of the image it reads: “Hard work under the hot Kalahari sun … Good work. A monstrous lion “.

Eduardo Gonçalves is the founder of the campaign to end the trophy hunting (Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting). He credits lions with being captured and bred in captivity for the sole purpose of having his life taken away by hunters. “It seems that the lion is very peaceful, and had his life taken only to take a picture.”

Legelela Safaris has a price list, according to the animal that the hunter wants to hunt. In the list are 62 animals, priced between about 180 euros, such as the baboon, up to 3100 euros, as the hyena. They also offer other options such as leopards, elephants, rhinos and lions.

Source: www.jn


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