Couple sees abandoned dog by the side of the road, and she leads them to sweetest surprise

Today, this dog is safe and can take care of her puppies, without fearing for their lives. However, in the recent past the canine family faced a grim phase. In fact, the dog and her pups lived along a road, with nothing to eat.

Fortunately, Lacey and Audra were returning home, after visiting their family, and they saw the dog near the road. Soon they noticed that the dog had just given birth and needed help immediately.


“We found an exit and turned around and went all the way back,” says Lacey. “When we returned we didn’t see her but heard her barking at us from down in the ditch/creek.”

The two women followed the bark and found that the little girl was trying to get them to her puppies. “She had three lovely puppies walking in the creek and they were frozen,” says Lacey.


Both knew that the pups couldn’t survive alone any longer. So they took the puppies to the car and attracted the mother. Lacey and Audra waited for the whole family to warm up a little, then drove home.


“We would almost bet money these poor things were dumped there,” says Lacey. “No way they had survived since birth out there in that weather and right off the highway in the middle of nowhere.”

The dog and her pups are fine

Lacey and Audra decided to call the puppies Louie, Cinci and Indy, and the mom Red. The two women worked with the Columbus Dog Connection to find a foster family.


Once the puppies are a little older, they will be able to find a responsible family, who will take care of them forever!


If this couple hadn’t decided to pull over, the canine family probably wouldn’t be alive… What a nice gesture! Lacey simply concludes with these words: “We love them so much!”

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Source: Animaals


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