Couple returns wallet with more than $100 to the barber who lost it

Barber Aparecido Batista da Silva went to the bakery with his wife, right after the Libertadores Cup final game this year, on January 30. On his way home, Aparecido let his wallet, which contained more than $100, documents, and a credit card, fall to the ground and didn’t notice.

But there are still kind people in this world. Luckily, a couple from Santos, pensioner Márcia Leite and her husband Pedro Leite, found the wallet and started looking for the owner on social networks.

The warning

After some time, Aparecido’s profile on the social networks was tagged in a publication in a lost and found group. The barber reports that as soon as he realized the loss, he blocked the cards and contacted the person who had made the publication on the media.

He had thought that the person would return only the documents and cards. But the couple gave him back everything in his wallet, including the money. He thanked them and saw that there are honest people in this world.

Source: Histórias com Valor


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