Couple of geese says goodbye before the female is taken to slaughter

The story of a couple of geese gained worldwide fame after spreading in a Chinese social network. The female would leave for her last trip, for she would be dead for consumption at her destination. The moment of the farewell was photographed and served to confirm, once again, that other animals feel and suffer like us.

Geese are animals that, when they find a partner, usually stay together for a lifetime. In China, it is very common for geese to be killed to become food. Around the world, they are tortured in the production of foie gras and feathers for pillows, cushions, etc.

The story told is that the geese in the photo spent a lifetime together, and were separated when the female was donated to a friend of the tutors family to be killed and eaten. When being tied in a bag to be transported in a motorcycle, the male despaired and shouted loudly.

The moment of farewell will be recorded forever.

Source: Mapa Veg


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