Couple is spotted abandoning a puppy in a desert place

It is unfortunate that there are still insensitive human beings capable of abandoning their pets.

In the social networks, the video of a puppy being abandoned by a couple in La Pintana, Chile, became viral.

It was the municipality itself that shared the recording in their Twitter account. It clearly shows the moment when owners leave their car, a blue Nissan, with their pet, who innocently begins to walk without imagining that he would be left to fend for himself.

The puppy explores the terrain without imagining what would happen.

The couple pretends to check something in the vehicle. And immediately, without saying a word, enters the car and begins takes off, leaving the defenceless animal alone, without having any conscience of their action.

This is not the first or only case in that place. Despite the number of campaigns that have been done to end this type of attitude towards animals, abandonment continues.

However, it can not be denied that Chile has made significant progress with regard to responsible pet ownership.

There is in this country “The Cholito Law”. This legislation was passed recently and can now be enforced so that no such act goes unpunished.

The municipality announced that it is studying legal actions against those responsible.

“Our cameras captured the sad sight of the abandonment of animals. A couple gets out of this car and leaves behind their pet, part of their family, who curiously begins to investigate the terrain without guessing that he lost his home. We are studying legal actions. ” He informed the municipality of La Pintana in his Twitter account.

The abandonment of animals is a cruel behavior and deserves all the rejection of the people, and must join efforts to keep it from happening.

Just look at “Mili”: alone in nothing, without food or shelter.

We must all denounce the abuse of animals because they are living beings who have dignity.

Pets are not objects that can be discarded. They are living beings that must be treated and considered as such.

Despite the sadness of the story, in the end, fortunately, had a very positive turn.

There was information that a team rescued the dog to whom they gave the name Milagros, and the dog has already been adopted by a family that will love him and take care of him as it should be.

“Mili” is very happy in her new home and with her new family.

Share this story and become aware of the importance of taking responsibility for the welfare of those great friends who are our pets.

Source: Zoorprendente


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