Couple decides to adopt an obese cat and helps him lose weight

Hello! My name is Mike Wilson and own in partnership with my girlfriend Megan Hanneman, have a company that manufactures wall-mounted for cats furniture, designed to promote indoor cat activity. We have two cats that help us test our furniture ideas and help us understand what their favorite pieces are. Some time ago, we decided to go to the local Humane Society to see the pets, and it happens that we ended up falling in love with another cat.

And that is the story that we will tell you now:

Meet Bronson, a sweet giant who joined the two cats we had a few months ago.

One day, when we had only 45 minutes before we had to be at work, we decided to go to our local Humane Society to see the animals.

When we entered, we were instantly drawn to this gentle giant called Bronson.

After we left, none of us could stop talking about him and how fun it would be to bring him home and help him lose his extra pounds.

So we flew to the Humane Society the next day and, a staff member told us that all they knew about his past. His last owner had passed away.

In only 3 years of life, Bronson reached 15 pounds, they suspect that it was an old person who fed him only with leftover food or something.

We went in to see him and immediately fell in love. I remember having my cheeks aching from smiling for so long.

He was the sweetest cat we had ever met and seemed to be so happy to be home and have a big space just for him.

After bringing Bronson home, we scheduled his first visit at the vet.

It is very important for obese cats to lose weight slowly, or they may have a fatty liver disease, which can become a fatal disease.

We’ve adjusted Bronson’s diet three times since we’ve had it, but we think he’s on the right track to losing that weight safely.

He is currently eating 375 calories a day. Half of it is ration and the other half is grainless food that we are prepare for it.

We’ve also changed his exercise routine a few times.

At first, he was playing with toys lying down for about 20 minutes a day and we were also taking him downstairs so he needed to climb back to his favorite place to sleep.

Now, his exercise routine consists of us moving his plate of food around the room to promote walking and still play with toys while he is lying down.

His favorite toy is a tomato, which he likes to attack, bite and kick with his legs.

We started an Instagram account for him so that people could follow his weight loss journey.

Two months have passed, and he has already more than 13.000 followers.
Many of the followers are willing to share their tips on feline weight loss.

Carrying Bronson has become a problem from the start. He is so big that there is almost no good way to hold him without feeling like we are hurting or crushing him.

To solve this problem, we invented “transport pillows”. The pillow was a great way to carry him without making him uncomfortable.

Bronson has many qualities that we find incredible. One of the coolest is that he almost always sleeps with a pillow.

He also does not care about taking up too much space in the bed. We basically split the bed in three.

Our goal is for Bronson to lose half a pound a month, and he now lost almost 1 pound. He is on his way to a healthy life.

He is not quite ready to join the other cats and test the wall furniture, but they know he will arrive in due time.

I hope he can climb those stairs soon!

Well, what a wonderful story! What an incredible dedication this couple has for their cat!

Source: Bored Panda


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