Couple adopts puppy- 5 months later they do not believe in what he has become

Adopting an animal should never be a light decision. After all, it’s a commitment to life and to life. Caring for an animal, is something that makes us grow as human beings, makes us more sensitive to the needs of others.

The love we give and feel for an animal has nothing to do with its size. We only choose animals by size and race, looking at the possibilities, space, and time we have.

Robert and Sue Markham, had different views on the breed of dog they wanted to adopt. Robert did not want a big bigeye and that was the only point in the situation where they both agreed.

With this point well defined, Sue visited a shelter to adopt a single animal. Immediately she fell in love with the little Yogi, it was love at first sight. The little puppy seemed to be perfect for his family.

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Sue called her husband, saying that she had found the perfect animal. Yogi went with them to his new home, meet the members his new family. Quickly he adjusted and began to grow.

Contrary to what everyone thought, Yogi was not a small Terrier. In fact bigeye was a Great Dane. Neither Robert nor Sue expected the animal to be so cute … and so GREAT !!! </ strong>

Youtube – Caters TV

Although the couple did not want a large dog, they were in love with the giant creature.

Now Yogi is 9 years old.

He is treated by the couple as a son. Sue and Robert love him with all their heart.

Loving means making sacrifices and that’s what this couple has in mind.

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