Homeless asks police to take a shower – and the agents decide to offer a complete metamorphosis!

The homeless go through many difficulties that we can not even imagine. Apart from cold and hunger, they have a hard time doing their hygiene. Recently, a homeless man named Bobby was walking the streets of New York when he was approached by a police officer named Aaron Page. At that point,he made a special request to the agent: the beggar wanted to bathe. Instead, he resolved to make a complete metamorphosis.

The man did not want money or food, just a hot bath and haircut.

Youtube – Inside Edition

At that point, the agent asked the man to accompany him to the police station… Bobby was left completely unrecognizable! Several police officers helped Bobby’s metamorphosis: bath, haircut and even change of clothes. The homeless felt like a new man!

Youtube – Inside Edition

It’s wonderful to see how the officers decided to do something that was not their responsibility. They did this out of kindness and solidarity… no doubt wonderful humans. See the transformation in the video below.

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Source: Ultra Mignon


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