Company donates more than 15 tons of food to street dogs in Peru

The love that a dog or cat can give us is something incredible and wonderful. For us, these puppies would really do anything, asking very little in return.

That’s why, when they’re in trouble, it’s good to be able to return their affection in any way we can.

At a sad and difficult time like the one we are facing because of the coronavirus, many animals that have no home and family run the risk of finding themselves in even more critical situations than in the past, with no one to give them food and attention from time to time.

For this reason, in Peru, a company that produces pet food decided to do something concrete and important, giving life, in the middle of a pandemic, to the “I feed your love” initiative.

More than 15 tons of cat and dog food have been donated to animals that do not have a roof over their heads at this terrible time.

The Coronavirus, in fact, has not only brought dramas and disorders to humans, but it is also having repercussions in many other situations, which are in danger of being forgotten.

The animal feed producer Rintisa, therefore, decided to speak directly to all the structures that take care of abandoned animals, providing an enormous amount of food and thus alleviating the suffering and difficulties they suffer every day. The restrictions and the need to stay at home really represent a problem for many street animals, who can no longer enjoy the livelihood they had before the pandemic.

To all, this is added the difficult economic conditions that many people are facing and that do not always allow them to have the necessary funds for their own subsistence, imagine then to help the animals.

The beautiful initiative created by this Peruvian company seems, therefore, a perfect way not to forget many needy creatures: at such a sad moment, it’s good to know that many are at the service of those who are weaker.

Source: Olha Que VĂ­deo


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