Colombian police feed street animals during quarantine

Full of hotels, restaurants, museums and many other tourist attractions, the city of Buracaramanga in Colombia didn’t have a single day of silence. It was even known as “The City of Parks” and has always had several dogs walking through the streets, feeding on the supply of tourists and local traders. But the city is also quarantining and now nothing can be seen on the streets except homeless people, dogs, and cats.

So the local motorized police decided to take advantage of the rounds to help the animals and filmed one of these tours through the city. The video already has more than 135,000 views and shows the police stopping in several streets to offer feed and water to the animals. At some points, they also help people who don’t have a home.

In the video, the policemen explain that this was a way they found to make the rounds supportive of the animals that, from one hour to the next, saw themselves without assistance.

Watch the video:

Salimos a buscar nuestros amiguitos de cuatro patas 🐕🐾🐈 para darle alimento y cariño, ellos también también necesitan de nuestra ayuda🙏🏼

Posted by Radio Policía Bucaramanga 91.7 on Monday, March 23, 2020

Source: ANDA


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