Coco’s colorful puppet show will fill you with joy

Street artists are undervalued. The performance we’re going to see today shows how great the potential of these people is. There are incredible performers in public places, just like the ones who made this extraordinary puppet scene from the movie Coco.

The animated film Coco was a box office hit that made a huge impact on audiences of all ages. However, its true reach was beyond the confines of the big screen. The puppet show in a bustling tourist space you will see next is proof of this.

Puppets from the movie Coco

At the time the movie was released, Disney California Adventure Park spaces adapted a section called Plaza de la Familia, offering a colorful show with the whole theme of the film.

The decor of the place, the finish of the costumes, the puppets, the space provides a simply phenomenal experience. You can enjoy lively and fun dances performed by each of the characters of the movie, and it seems to be even inside the animation!

In the following clip, you’ll see a fun and colorful presentation fragment with the main characters of the movie.

Such talented artists, don’t you agree? Share if you loved the performance as much as we did!

Source: Bles


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