The beautiful gesture of the owner of a Golden Retriever who refuses to climb the escalators

Dogs are known for their bravery and loyalty. However, often, they also face moments of weakness. At these times, we as animal lovers have a duty to step in and help our furry friends to overcome their fears.

The truth is they would do the same for us …

That was the case of a young man in the United States, who was in a mall with his pup. The pair were wandering around Shopping, until it was time to use the escalators.


The young man walks towards the stairs, but his dog shows clear signs of fear and insecurity. With much patience, the man takes the dog in his arms and carries him like a baby.


A witness recorded a video, until both disappeared on the stairs. The Golden Retriver just snuggles with his human, as if that brings him calmness and security.

Check out the lovely scene in the video below:

Video became viral on social media

Many people were moved by the young man’s tolerance and understanding. He is undoubtedly an example to many other people who own pets!

This is not an isolated case

We can see many similar cases on the Internet. However, Jasper’s case was the one that stood out the most. The puppy was taken by his owner to climb the escalators. The video received thousands of views, as well as comments from many owners who experienced the same situation.

Fortunately, all these animals have the affection and understanding of their owners, to overcome their fears. Would you do the same for your pet? So, share this incredible gesture with your friends and family!

Source: Zoorprendente