Circus in Germany refuses to mistreat animals – They have created beautiful holograms to represent them

We must repudiate any abuse of animals, but we continue to admire them and find a way to continue to observe them. It was in this mindset that the Roncalli Circus put their efforts and created what became the first Circus company to replace animals by placing holograms in their place.

The admiration for technological knowledge, combined with the love we have for animals, which is enlarged and manifested in the right way, respecting them; leaving them in their natural habitat and enjoying the holograms that represent them.

Approximately 250 years ago, the circus shows were started by Philip Astley. The man started with acrobatics on horses and would have no idea what would trigger. It has become common to see animals doing circus shows and being mistreated.

But those times seem to be ending, campaigns against circuses that use animals have been able to expose the situation. And fewer and fewer people take part in these roles, so the circuses have reinvented themselves.

The German Circus Roncalli, for example, opted for 11 Optoma ZU850 laser projectors, BX-CTA03 lenses strategically located in a 32-meter tent, the result is fantastic.

Animals that are recreated can be seen 360 degrees, so everyone around gets to see them. Flying fishes, galloping horses, elephants dancing (without being mistreated). And all that you can see in this innovative proposal that promises to revolutionise the circus industry as we know it.

The creativity of the human species can be used for good. And this circus shows that there will always be a solution that won’t hurt anyone.

Source: CONTI outra


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