Man abuses a 5-year-old boy for opening a Christmas present without permission

There is no one who likes Christmas more than children. They love their vacations, the time spent in family, the love of this Christmas season and also the gifts. Some are so anxious that they decide to search the house to find what they will receive on December 25th. Unfortunately, this boy was beaten for having opened his Christmas present without permission.

Bridgette Payne did her Christmas shopping on December 16th. However, she left her 5-year-old son with her boyfriend, Wesley McCollom. When she returned home, it seemed strange that the boy had already gone to bed, because he didn’t go to sleep so early.

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Wesley told him that he had sent the boy to bed because the boy had opened the Christmas gift without permission, which was under the tree. When the mother approached her son’s bed, she saw that the child was covered in bruises. Besides, he had a hand mark on his cheek.

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Words are not enough to describe what you feel when you see your child like that, not knowing what happened,” says Bridgette. “Wesley hurt me badly,” the boy said to his mother. The woman was devastated to see her son like that and called the police.

Police officers arrived at Bridgette’s house at 10 pm and arrested Wesley for child abuse. According to his mother, Wesley tried to explain what happened when he said he “wanted the child to learn the lesson.” He believed that the child needed to “learn to listen.”

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Bridgette had had a relationship with her boyfriend for 10 months, and never noticed these trends. The woman had previously been in a toxic relationship with her son’s father, and promised herself never to return to this kind of situation. In fact, she was almost murdered by the ex while the son watched. So she was heartbroken for being wrong again.

“If I could have taken my son’s place, I would have done it without hesitation for a second,” she says. After sharing what happened on Facebook, her publication was quickly shared and commented on by many people. In just a few days, it has been shared 8,000 times.

Facebook – Brad Mulcahy

No matter what a child does, she should never have to go through something like that. Share if you agree!

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