Children were best friends at a Chinese orphanage, and now they are neighbors in Texas

Chinese orphanages are full of abandoned children who just want to be loved and have a chance to be happy. Conditions are far from ideal, but orphanage employees try to do their best for the children while they wait for a family. Dawson and Hannah were also in a Chinese orphanage and they were best friends. The two were separated, but fate decided to unite them again!

China has a major problem of children abandonment, and this can happen for any reason. Sometimes the cause can be as simple as the child being born before marriage, or having been born with special needs in a poor family who can’t pay the medical bills. In any case, the children in an orphanage create very strong bonds.

Best friends in a Chinese orphanage

Dawson and Hannah moved to a Chinese orphanage when they were only a few months old. They saw themselves as brothers, though they had no biological bond to unite them. As they grew older, their connection became more beautiful, stronger, and more inspiring.

The children shared the same foster family, who took Dawson and Hannah home on weekends, so they could rest from orphanage life. But when they were adopted, the two were separated.

Hannah went to the United States to live with a loving family. She was glad, but sad to know that she and Dawson could never have done it again. Dawson remained in China while Hannah left for the US. It was Sharon and Andy Sykes who adopted Hannah. The little girl immediately gained two new older brothers, but she still missed Dawson a lot.


The incredible bond between the two friends became clear during the adoption process. In all the photo updates the Sykes family received from the adoption agency, Hannah was always with Dawson. They would play together, hold hands, and sit next to each other.

The new mother of Hannah began to feel responsible for finding a new family for Dawson, so she shared the history of both in the social networks. Although Hannah lived in Texas, a part of her had been left in China with Dawson. When Amy Clary heard of Dawson, through a friend who had seen Sharon’s Facebook post, she had dinner with the Sykes family.


It was not long before she decided to adopt Dawson forever. In fact, the decision was made so quickly that her husband, Chris, joked, “I was off for 45 seconds, maybe it was two minutes, and then [she] said, Let’s adopt that little boy.”

The Clary family already had three children under the age of five, but they felt they could give even more. Amy saw the photos of Dawson and Hannah together, and they knew they had no choice.

Children are reunited

When Dawson’s adoption was approved, Amy and Sharon decided that the two needed to be reunited after 11 months. What the two didn’t know was that they would become neighbors, living just five minutes away from each other in the United States.

When Dawson, three years old, got off the plane and crossed the airport with his new family, he soon saw his best friend. Hannah, four years old, was eagerly waiting for him!


“They must have hugged themselves 400 times,” Dawson’s mother Amy said. “They kept hugging each other and they were so dizzy they fell down.” Thanks to the connection between Hannah and Dawson, the Clarys and Sykes families also created a strong bond

You can watch the emotional meeting in the video below. You will not stop laughing when you see them radiating pure happiness:

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