Children line up on stage – when they turn around, the girl in a red dress has the audience rolling in laughter

Some people were born to shine, just like the girl we’re going to see today. She stood out from all her classmates at a Christmas show, and made the audience laugh out loud. The children were lined up on stage, ready for performance. All were wonderful in their own way, but the little artist has a natural gift for music and acting… and of course she loves being the center of attention.

The girl is the daughter of Kelly Cardillo. The mother says that her passion for the world of representation came to life due to a recent primary school Christmas choir show.

Facebook – Kelly Cardillo

Luckily, Kelly had the camera running and shared her daughter’s funny performance on social networks. We’re so happy she put the clip on the internet… it sure will brighten your day!

Facebook – Kelly Cardillo

Kelly watched with shock as her daughter crossed the stage and showed off all her amazing dance moves! There was no denying that the child was full of Christmas excitement. She certainly has a great personality.

Facebook – Kelly Cardillo

As soon as the family returned home, Kelly ran to the computer and uploaded the video of her daughter’s Christmas performance on Facebook. She wrote, “This is my daughter at the school’s Christmas concert.”

Facebook – Kelly Cardillo

The mother had no idea that her daughter’s fun performance would gain so much attention online! This doesn’t amaze us because it’s simply hilarious. We can hear her mother laughing while recording. Shortly after posting the hilarious dance video of her sweet daughter, it became viral! The video was viewed more than 6.5 million times, liked by 86,000 people and shared by more than 107,000 users!

Facebook – Kelly Cardillo

People all over the world loved that moment. She was so excited to perform in the Christmas choir and show off her dance moves! The most impressive of all are her facial expressions! She’s a lot of fun… watch for yourself.

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Source: Faithtap


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