Police officer finds chained dog in an old building and immediately falls in love with her

New York Police Officer Joshua Sailor was investigating an abandoned building, but he never imagined what he was about to find. When he went upstairs, he found a dog, who was locked in a small room. The beautiful eight-month-old girl stared at the officer with sad, helpless eyes.

The little Pit Bull dog had a thick chain wrapped around her neck and was chained … She just had room to get up and nothing more! Besides, she was emaciated and you could see the definite lines of her spine, hip bone and ribs.

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When Sailor removed the animal from the abandoned building, she gave him a look as if to say, “Thanks for getting me out of there.” It was at this moment the officer realized he could not leave her. He called the Pit Bull from Mila and took her to the ASPCA for examination and treatment.

After presenting improvements in their state of health, the two have reunited again and are now inseparable!¬† “She needed me and I needed her, too.”,¬†Said Sailor.

Police officer finds chained dog in an old building

Watch the video below to learn more about this exciting case:

Mila’s future was uncertain … Fortunately, the officer arrived in time to save her life and give her a loving home!

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Source: Dog World


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