Teacher asks students to lock their cell phones in class every day – and kids love it

A few years ago, almost no one owned a cell phone and taking it to school was out of the question. But, nowadays, it’s the opposite: children and adolescents who do not have this object are rare. Unfortunately, students use their cell phones during classes and lose many subjects because they are distracted by the technologies.

Knowing this, a school decided to do something innovative. There are several schools that allow students to have their cell phones with them during the day, even in classrooms. However, a teacher at Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas is trying to change that. Debbie Simon, who teaches Spanish, forces her students to lock their phones in special bags before each class.


“They get their bags, they go in, they lock their cell phones, that’s it,” said Debbie. The bags, made by the company Yondr, magnetically block the phones and they can not be reopened until they are passed on a magnetic base.


“Initially, the students did not like the idea at all. But now they love it! In fact, several students came up to me and said, ‘Thank you, because I have not focused on the class in years,'” said the school principal, who backed up the decision.


“We’re more focused,” one teenager said.


“My grades have definitely improved a bit,” says another student. In emergencies, teachers allow students to unlock their cell phones and leave the classroom.


In order to reassure parents, the principal adds that parents can call the school directly if they wish to speak with their child. What do you think of this rule? Do you think it’s fair to students, or is it exaggerated?

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Source: Little Things


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