Man sees child looking at his cell phone and decides to act without knowing that he was being recorded

Sometimes people can surprise us. In the big city of New York, where everything and everyone is in a hurry, sometimes it can be difficult to appreciate the little things. So, when a man boarded the subway, he did not expect to become viral for his actions. The weirdest of all was how it started: with a child looking at his cell phone.

Youtube – ViralSnare
Man discovers boy is looking at his cell phone

Without the knowledge of the man on the train, a small passenger sitting next to him was staring at his cell phone. The man had headphones and was playing when he suddenly noticed the boy watching the screen. It was then that the man looked up and crossed eyes with the boy.

Youtube – ViralSnare

The man continued to play his game, unaware that a stranger in front of him was recording the whole scene. After a few rounds, and still feeling boy’s eyes glued to his cell phone, he suddenly had an idea: to let the child play. The boy grabs the phone anxiously and dives right into the game as the man looks up, as if he hadn’t done anything special.

One stranger witnessed the moving moment, and posted on social networks. Days later, the video became viral, and the footage is comforting to watch. Now everyone is praising the man for the act of kindness toward the little boy. Watch the scene for yourself in the video below.

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