Cat with facial deformities finally gets the help she needed to live

In June, an animal rescuer from Los Angeles was contacted to inform him about a kitten that needed help.

The small cat was three months old, but his size was that of a five-week-old cat. He had a mild upper respiratory infection, an umbilical hernia, his nose and mouth were misaligned, giving him a Picasso’s face.

Pinocchio has a malformation in his jaw that makes him look like a kitten painted by Picasso

The Friends for Life Rescue Network heard about your situation and immediately offered to take you. The kitten was born with a birth defect that caused a misalignment of the jaw.

He arrived at the shelter dehydrated, malnourished and covered with fleas.

The kitten was just skin and bones and he was very sleepy. He was very hungry and consumed two cans of food that were a ton for his little body.

Sick and full of fleas, this little boy did not give up, despite the adversities

With plenty of nutritious food, quality rest and proper care, the kitten named Pinocchio got excited and started walking.

As soon as he felt better, he got up, wanting attention and love. He quickly became a loving boy.

Pinocchio, a kitten with a very special face, who came to show that he was ready to fight.

Every time Pinocchio sees his caregivers in the room, he catches their attention with his paws and tries to talk about their beautiful, silent meows.

Once he feels a little affection in his ear, he starts the purring engine and rolls on his back, trying to rub his belly.

He likes to play and this is a good sign he’s overcome his limitations

Pinocchio continues to advance every day. He is very active and wants to play with anything that moves, his personality is shining and with much effort and love he has managed to overcome the most difficult moments.

The kitten will be attended by a specialist in dentistry and a specialist in neurology to ensure that he receives all the medical attention he needs.

Besides love games, Pinocchio always has a willing attitude when it comes to giving or receiving affection.

The brave boy loves being around people and doesn’t mind visiting the vet.

Now that the kitten has regained his energy, he is constantly having fun and loving all his new toys. The sweet kitten asks for attention every time someone passes by, stretches out his hand with his paw, and signals to the humans that it is time to hug and snuggle.

Pinocchio shows us that the love of a pet isn’t measured in their appearance.

Source: Zoorprendente


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