Cat with a tumor on her face would be sacrificed, but someone did not give up on her

A unique-looking cat lived in the streets. As if being a pooch was not hard enough, her deformity made it difficult to eat. She had a large tumor near her mouth that coverd half of her face.

When she was finally rescued for animal control, she was placed in a high-slaughter shelter for “obvious reasons”. Many who looked at the innocent feline felt she was too monstrous to be saved. No one had much hope for the cat later named Keta.

She needed surgery, but they were not sure how effective the surgery would be. Many thought she did not even deserve a chance. Her face that made her look like a monster would never let her find a home.

But all this was about to change …

An NGO for unwanted NYC pets heard about Keta. They decided that Keta was worth the risk.

They wrote on their website, “After talking to many different doctors and doing tests, we decided to continue with the surgery, even if she might lose an eye, be feed using a tube or stay so deformed that no one would want to adopt her”. They added, “Fortunately, none of this has come true.”

The rescue went better than expected. Keta took a long time to recover. But after surgery and aftercare, Keta was ready for an eternal home.

Finally, the cat that was “too deformed to deserve an everlasting home,” who was waiting on the death row in a high-kill shelter, found a new mother.

Keta’s new family fell in love with the warrior kitten and opened their arms and their home to the sweet girl. The rescue posted on his Facebook page:

Guess WHAT!

Keta’s mother sent us an up-to-date picture of our pride and joy Keta !!!!

How beautiful is she !!!!!
You would never have known that she had a facial tumor that took up half of the face !!!

This is an incredible reminder to never give up!

We all love you, KETA!

Keta’s new mother also uploaded this updated photo collage! Do you believe that this is the same cat?! What an incredible recovery!

Keta’s story reminds us to never judge a book by its cover. These precious animals are worth saving. If they can live a life without pain and suffering, don’t they deserve a fair chance? If you are not sure, ask Keta and your new family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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