Cat survived a cruel attack and found love in his last years of life

Three years ago, Tommy was in the news in some media dedicated to reporting pet abuse. The cat lived for some time as a stray animal in the California desert.

Although he was homeless, he had generous people who fed him from time to time, but the worst was yet to happen. Tommy appeared one day with very serious injuries as a result of an acid attack.

Although they tried to save Tommy’s eyes, the injuries were very deep.

The substance had caused damage to the eyes and the head.

Tommy was taken to the vet, but after going through an expert, things didn’t seem to improve.

The first doctor to see the kitten had no empathy with his situation. After monitoring the severity of his injuries and diagnosing the child as IVF +, he decided that the only solution was to practice euthanasia.

Tommy was under permanent medical supervision due to his immune problem.

Fortunately, their caregivers knew this was unacceptable and they contacted the Milo Shrine. He was quickly transferred with his experienced veterinary team, which gave Tommy the best chance of surviving unbelievable abuse.

Tommy spent more than three months in and out of intensive care, needing painkillers and antibiotics. He underwent surgery and received skin grafts to repair the damage caused by the acid.

Being IVF also made your recovery more delicate, as your compromised immune system needed to be closely monitored throughout the healing process.

Unfortunately, he lost one eye.

However, although the marks of his injuries lived forever with him, this cat would never return to the streets.

His unique appearance didn’t stop him from being loved until the end of his days.

Tommy remained under the care of the Milo Shrine and his foster care home. In his long recovery, he met Daisy, a kitten who became his inseparable companion.

Tommy’s story became a source of inspiration and was used to raise funds to help other pets, who suffer at the mercy of the dangers and cruelties found on the streets.

He even had the company of his dear Daisy.

Unfortunately, while Tommy’s heart was huge to love and forgive, living with IVF is a difficult test to overcome.

His immune system was compromised, so Michele, the adoptive mother of this warrior kitten, was always on the lookout for any irregularities to help him.

However, although Tommy has managed to overcome adversity several times, in October this year he had another relapse. Michele had to announce, on November 1st, that Tommy had finally crossed the rainbow for a peaceful and full life.

Tommy will always live in the hearts of hundreds. His history of struggle and survival indirectly helped turn the lives of many people and cats into problems. We regret his departure, but we are comforted to know that his last years have been full of love.

Last Halloween picture of Tommy with Daisy.

Source: Zoorprendente


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