This dog was lost for 10 days – see what the cat does when they meet again

Animals have that a special power that we often lack. They are able to be friends with one another without linking to race, gender or color. What really matters to them is fellowship.

The animal world can often give us lessons for life, just be alert and sensitive enough to learn from these animals.

Jasper is a cat that gets along very well with puppies. Incredible isn’t it? Who would have thought a cat liked the company and friendship of a dog that much?

After being separated from this canine best friend, Bow-Z for 10 days, they finally meet again. Jasper did not even try to hide the enthusiasm he felt from seeing the furry friend again. And why should he hide it? After all they are best friends!

This is a great example for all of us, coming straight from the animal world!

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